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XML Sandbox – An API Demonstration and Testing Tool

Learn by “Doing”

The XML Sandbox is a demonstration tool that not only visually displays the basic principles of XML but also acts as a personal coach for the EAN API:

    • When searching, all available options are demonstrated with information that describes how and when to use them.
    • It includes “tips” and information in understanding both our content items and structural formats.
    • It displays valid, well-formed XML request/response pairs so you can see the data and formats exactly as they were sent and received.
    • Simple explanations and descriptions of each step are defined.

What it is NOT:

    • The Sandbox is a great source learning and reviewing the API, but it is not a fully functional website.
    • Although there is functionality that will make it more user friendly and useful as a full fledged testing tool, additional functionality may be added in the future as we have more time to build upon the existing application. For now, suffice the purpose of the tool is strictly to see the API in action and to verify the data returned by specific types of requests.

Use this tool in conjunction with the EAN API Documentation for the greatest understanding of each request and response item:

    • Hotel List (Search for a list of available hotels or a list of active properties in a location)
    • Room Availability (Obtain available rooms for booking)
    • Hotel Info (Review all hotel information)
    • GDS Rate Rules (Get more info on GDS rooms)
    • Reservation Request (Place a test booking)
    • Itinerary Request (View any test bookings placed)
    • Cancellation Request (for cancelling any test bookings made)

Example Use Cases:

    • Business Development Demos – potential partners can see the raw XML in action without having to access the system or developing code for preliminary testing.
    • Account Managers will visually learn and better understand the API process to become more knowledgeable in working with these partners.
    • Existing partners can test with the tool to compare their own requests to expected valid requests.
    • Those having problems with correctly structuring requests can use the tool as an additional debugging device by obtaining an example of the successful request from the tool and modeling their own request string to match.
    • Fully understand the difference between Expedia and GDS availabilities/results which also vary in the data returned.
    • Verify which data items are returned in each of the various responses.
    • Testing the production system for processes
      • searching through the booking process
      • verify data returned on specific properties or results
      • check response/page load times.

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