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Itinerary Request
Documentation Outline
Obtain the details of an itinerary. The itinerary reveals the current status of a booking along with all reservation data.

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Get Itinerary
Cancel Reservation
Geo Functions
Get Itinerary Information
(Common Request Elements relative to all requests)
CID Tip TIP apiKey minorRev

Select one of three options below. Populating more than one option will only yield one result type or return no results.
1. (Single Itinerary Record)
<itineraryId> Tip TIP
<affiliateConfirmationId> Tip TIP
2. (Records within a creation date range)
<creationDateStart> Tip TIP (format mm/dd/yyyy)
3. (Records that start within a specific departure date range)
<departureDateStart> Tip TIP (format mm/dd/yyyy)

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